Trip to Budapest

Event goal

The company that hired us had realized that they were growing very quickly and, on some occasions, they noticed that they were losing those close bonds with their clients, that proximity that was their identity as a company. And they wanted to strengthen those bonds.

The choice of Budapest was not accidental; the city serves as an example of the union between the ancient and modern growth, two cities that merged into one forming a metropolis with lasting ties.

Viaje de incentivo a Budapest

Creation and preparation of the event

Our story begins by drawing inspiration from the history of Hungary, where we embarked on a journey from the present to the past, exploring the country’s moments of grandeur and wealth. Throughout the country’s history, with actors portraying famous Hungarian figures, we intertwined adventures that helped convey our message of strengthening relationships that were once very close. Our adventure included encounters with the creator of the Rubik’s Cube, invented in Budapest, as well as visits from Puskas and the astonishing Houdini with his great escapades. We even hosted an opera gala with singing performances by our clients.

At our gala dinner, we had to find our new Sisi, and what better place than at the Empress’s Imperial Palace, where soldiers on horseback welcomed us, dressed in period costumes and performing imperial dances. The gala was named “Tu sí que Sisi.”

We traveled to the Palace in the last carriage of the original Orient Express, enjoying a private party inside the carriages. This experience was as unique and exclusive as our clients.

The trip to Budapest was much more than a tourist experience; it was a journey through time that strengthened our bonds in a unique way. The meticulous planning and originality in every detail made us feel special and valued. This journey reminded us of the importance of cultivating deep and authentic relationships, leaving us with memories that will endure long after our return.
Viaje de incentivo a Budapest

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