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Unforgettable MICE events

MICE events completely personalized. From start to finish. To enhance products, corporate strategies, or product launch.

At Diwoto, we understand the importance of every detail in creating exceptional corporate events. Our commitment is to invent experiences for you that make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

We immerse ourselves in your needs and objectives to design corporate events that not only meet but exceed your initial goals. We meticulously analyze every detail to ensure a flawless event from start to finish.

With experience in negotiation and limitless creativity, we specialize in designing tailored events, ensuring efficiency and originality. We deliver experiences aligned with your corporate goals.

From planning meeting rooms to the complete management of events, we handle every logistical aspect. Transfers, catering, decoration, registrations, audiovisual production, and more; we coordinate every detail for a flawless event.

They organized an event that turned into a genuine fair, at a spectacular venue, with live music and the participation of a Michelin-starred chef. It was a memorable experience for all of us.


How can we assist you even better?

  • DESIGN of events that align with the company’s identity.
  • COORDINATION precise and efficient logistics.
  • CREATIVITY and originality in every detail.
  • ATTENTION and professionalism.
  • We MEET to deadlines and budgets.
Event Preparation

We value every stage, from conceptualization to contract negotiation and logistical coordination. We establish internal policies and efficient procedures to ensure the success of your events.

Event Day

Our highly trained team takes care of flawless execution. We ensure that everything runs smoothly as planned, handling any unforeseen circumstances quickly and professionally.


We conduct post-event evaluations, providing detailed reports so you can assess the impact and achievement of your experience objectives. We strive to learn and continuously improve.

Other services



We plan, manage, and provide tourism services for foreign travel agencies.


Sports Events

Management of Sports Events: World Cups for soccer, handball, American football...


Incentive Trips

Unique experiences to boost your team's motivation and leave an unforgettable impression.

Ready to transform your event into a memorable experience?