The Treasure of Amaro Pargo and the Tradecorp Constellation

Event goal

The pandemic had paralyzed the world and sales in many sectors. And it had caused many families to go through very difficult times.

Tradecorp asked us to help them organize a trip not so much for achieving objectives, but rather as a gesture of gratitude for the unwavering support of their clients.

The client chose Tenerife for safety because we were in a pandemic, and traveling far was less secure.

In Tenerife, we created our adventure. To achieve this, we based ourselves on the Tradecorp constellation, and each star that composed that constellation was one of “Their clients”. Conveying strength, unity, and a future together.

In this trip, the stars, the protagonists, are the clients, and they must discover it by fighting with Pirates and following the clues of a treasure map in the sky.

Viaje de incentivo a Tenerife

Creation and preparation of the event

A journey based on a real Pirate story places our clients in a scenario where they must follow the clues of a map to live a real adventure, with the climax arriving at the gala dinner. However, they won’t be the only ones seeking the treasure, so the path to success won’t be easy.

The first actor asks for their help and provides them with a compass that guides them to Teide, but at nighttime, where they must find the map in the stars.

The next point in the middle of the sea, they must obtain a boat to reach it, but on the way, they are boarded by pirates.

The final clue leads them to the auditorium of Tenerife where the gala dinner and the culmination of the journey take place. Video mapping that connects the clues, the Tradecorp constellation.

We discover that the treasure was never the money. The true treasure has always been family and the unity of people.

Relationships are very important, and experiencing these adventures together has strengthened our personal relationships even further, leading to an increase in effort to sell and a desire to reciprocate to those who have always been by our side, even in tough times. This was the real goal of this trip, and the result was very positive, always improving morale and the desire to move forward.
Viaje de incentivo a Tenerife

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