Actyvium Challenge

Event goal

What if instead of launching the product, we launch the customers while presenting the product?

This is how the Actyvium Challenge was born, where we had to introduce a new product line from Tradecorp in a different way than usual, with a limited budget and with direct reach to the salespeople.

To achieve this, we studied each product, its application in the field, and how to experience it firsthand. Salespeople could understand the products while associating them with an exciting, adrenaline-filled activity, with a competitive edge, and at the same time enjoyable.

Viaje incentivo a Andorra

Creation and preparation of the event

Always centered around sports activities, we divided the group into 4 teams, each receiving a wooden medal with the name of the products from the Challenge.

The first challenge involved acquiring mountain vehicles like the Camel Trophy or Porsche Cayenne and crossing the Pyrenees through smugglers’ paths, escorted with Actyvium Challenge logos.

The second day was sponsored by Tyroline, where we sought out the largest zip line in Europe and launched customers through it while informing them about the qualities and advantages of this product. In the afternoon, it was Sylika Drip H’s turn, focusing on winter sports to highlight the effectiveness of bio stimulants, an essential supplement in the management of autumn-winter vegetables. We used a logo with an image of a helmet and set up a karting competition on an ice track.

The last day was dedicated to Transformer and its ability to modify soil-water relationships, a goal achieved through rafting.

The products in the Actyvium Challenge range have taken on a leading role within Tradecorp, becoming the best-sellers in the last quarter of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. For those products introduced in 2023, they will be presented using the same sales strategy through a trip and an experience at the end of 2023, as sales exceeded expectations and the expected return for this commercial action.
Viaje incentivo a Andorra

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