World Cup Qatar 2022

Event goal

Experiencing the World Cup Differently.

We aimed to create a unique World Cup experience, where attendees could not only enjoy the matches, events, and organized trips but also immerse themselves in the tournament from within. A place where they could actively participate.

To achieve this, we started planning two years in advance for Qatar. We reached out to world-class players, visited different football fields, booked hotels, chartered flights, and most importantly, secured tickets for every match. We needed a coach and technical staff to train our clients for a week as genuine professional footballers, all to live the experience of their lives – a match with world-class stars.

In Qatar 2022, we lived a true World Cup experience!

Evento deportivo en Catar

Creation and preparation of the event

We faced a unique challenge: to transform our clients into authentic football players in just one week. To achieve this, we implemented logistics that included charter flights, accommodations with football fields, a team of professional coaches, all to live the match of their lives, sharing the field with prominent world-class players like the legendary Cafú, a true icon of Brazilian football

During the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it wasn’t just about football. We took our clients to organized and personalized parties with the Diwoto Touch. The culmination of this unforgettable experience was a spectacular final party, a gala dinner in the desert, where they enjoyed live performances and surprises designed to delight everyone present

My experience with Diwoto has been absolutely exceptional. I had never before experienced a trip so full of intensity and fun. It has been, without a doubt, one of the best experiences I have ever had. This trip was not only memorable in itself, but has also transformed our business strategy. After this unique experience, we looked for ways to differentiate ourselves and offer trips that stand out in similar ways. For this reason, I have turned to Diwoto again. Their creative approach and ability to create experiences have made me a customer for life.
Evento deportivo en Catar

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