The Mafia returns to Chicago

Event goal

The objective of the trip was to foster a sense of belonging and enhance the client’s brand by focusing on a new product, so we created and developed a script in the purest Scorsese style adapted to the trip.

Don Fito Glifosato (the name of a famous herbicide), the new crime boss in Chicago, had stolen Tradecorp’s latest jewel to auction it off to the highest bidder at a party. The group had to investigate throughout the city, immerse themselves in the local culture, search for the stolen product, and as a last resort, attend the party and steal it there as if they were the Ocean’s Eleven.

We explored the possibilities of Chicago and tailored the script to fit with the Chicago Mafia and Route 66.

It took us over 100 creative hours to craft the script, a thread that connected all the destinations with stories that progressed towards a goal. We visited a real clandestine casino used by Al Capone. We hired choreographers from Warner Bros. to rehearse and perform the musical from Chicago.

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Creation and preparation of the event

The brand is reinforced through scripts and actions, even using the names of their products for the characters who interact with them during the trip.

Our camera team records every day of the journey, allowing the end client to relive the experience upon their return. Together with the surprises, challenges, and overall experience, this enhances the personal relationships between the salespeople and clients, fostering a bond that later reflects in their professional relationship.

As an example of the impact and satisfaction, the trip’s WhatsApp chat remains very active even months later.

Their personalized approach and attention to every detail created unforgettable experiences that strengthened our connection with clients and collaborators. We have full confidence in Diwoto to take our business initiatives to the next level.
Viaje de incentivo de Diwoto

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